Driving with a Suspended License

If you are facing a charge for driving with a suspended license (DWLS), you need to understand that there are two different offenses under Florida law. DWLS without knowledge is a non-criminal traffic infraction. DWLS with knowledge is a criminal misdemeanor. Moreover, in these types cases, knowing the legal terminology is crucial; the difference between pleading, not guilty, no contest where the State is seeking adjudication or adjudication withheld.

An adjudication is a conviction -- a determination of guilt -- and generally results in points being assessed against your license, and sometimes even jail time for the most serious offenses. An adjudication withheld is not a conviction, does not constitute a finding of guilt, and does not result in points.

If you are uncertain about what kind of charge you are facing contact attorney Jorge L. Gonzalez for a free consultation at (305) 227-4700 (Miami), or (305) 888-7177 (Hialeah).


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