Name Change

If you are thinking about changing your name for any reason -- perhaps you're getting divorced or maybe you just don't like your name and you want one that suits you better - you'll be glad to know that legal name changes are common and usually fairly easy to carry out.

The method by which an individual can change his or her name is usually prescribed by state statutes and involves filing a Petition for a Name Change, for an adult or a child in the county court located in the same county of residence of the petitioner.

Whether or not a name change will be granted is ordinarily a matter of judicial discretion. In the event, of a minor's name change, both parents have to agree to the name change, under most circumstances. If you prefer a legal advise to proceed with the change of your name, contact Jorge L. Gonzalez, P.A. at (305) 227-4700 (Miami), or (305) 888-7177 (Hialeah).


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