The divorce process is very emotional and traumatic for everyone it touches. Not only because it affects the members of an immediate family, spouses or former spouses, and minor children, but because it often involves money and property. Marriage partners often do not know their legal rights and obligations and that's why It is recommended that you obtain a legal advise concerning your rights, your children rights, your property rights, as well as your responsibilities resulting from the marriage and subsequent dissolution.

Attorney Jorge L. Gonzalez has the expertise to assist you and your family understand the full range of legal remedies that are available to them when a marriage is about to end. Mr. Gonzalez specializes in the following areas:

Contested Divorce: It is the one most people are familiar with, and which involves protracted litigation in court.

Uncontested Divorce: It usually means negotiation--and compromise--by both spouses, who must end up agreeing in writing to split what they have amicably. In this process there might be children and/or property involved. This process is mostly designed for couples with no dependent children and no disputed property.

Attorney Jorge L. Gonzalez, can help you to arrive at a marital settlement agreement, without causing you to make harmful and unnecessary concessions, or uninformed decisions. Call the Law Offices of Jorge L. Gonzalez, P.A. at (305) 227-4700 (Miami), or (305) 888-7177 (Hialeah) for a free consultation or send us an-e-mail through the quick form.


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