Adoption is a judicial proceeding that transfers all rights and responsibilities of a natural parent, if known, to an adoptive parent. The procedures as set out by law are intended to protect the best interests of the children and the rights of parents or guardians.

The court will generally not grant an adoption unless the child's parents and guardian, if there is one, consent to the adoption, inasmuch as the parent giving up paternity will permanently lose and give up his parental rights in the process.

Consent is not required in the following instances:

1. The parent has abandoned the child.

2. The parental rights have been legally terminated.

3. There is no parent or guardian qualified to consent.

4. The commissioner or agency having authority to place a child for adoption has exclusive right to consent to the adoption.

An adopted child has the same rights of inheritance as a biological child. Adoption laws differ from state to state. If you are interested in adopting a child Jorge L. Gonzalez can help you. Call for a free consultation at (305) 227-4700 (Miami), or (305) 888-7177 (Hialeah).


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